Questions about the FTDI Platinum v2.1

  • Hi there,
    Can someone point me in the right direction as far as what need to be install as drivers. I am new to this so sorry if this might be a dumb question. When I connect my FDTI Platinum v2.1 device to my PC (Windows 10) it's not recognised so I guess I have to install a driver. I am trying to program the arduino mini (chinese I guess), so I might need a second driver for that as well.

    Oh last thing, why is there two rows of connections on this specific FTDI?

    Arduino mini

    Thanks (Merci pour votre aide)

  • Have you installed the Arduino software?
    I had one of these until I lost it. I'm sure it was just plug and play and I'm sure the driver is included in the Arduino software installer.

  • @Qu3Uk Yes I have version 1.6.11 installed.

  • In that case what makes you think its not recognized?

  • @Qu3Uk the message received in Windows, and the device manager that has an exclamation point next to the device.

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