EAGLE library for RFM69HW and similar radios

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    Can anyone share an EAGLE library for the RFM69HW and similar radios ? I'm looking for clear symbols and easily (hand) solderable footprints in an EAGLE 7.x library format.
    If you have somthing similar for LORA radios, I'm also interested.

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    Have not noticed that there are some radios available called LORA. I googled a bit and I came to the conclusion that this might mean radio modules based on the SX1276 chip. So what exactly is LORA radios? Are they also supported by MySensors?

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    LoRA = Long RAnge πŸ™‚ It's a specification for long range radio communication, developed by https://www.lora-alliance.org/.

    rfm95 is an example of a LoRA compatible radio. Unfortunately it doesn't use the same footprint as the RFM69 (but if I remember right, it's the same as RFM12?)

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    I'm not in front of my eagle stuff but you can extract it from this:

    Side note:
    RFM95W and RFM69HCW shares the same footprint whereas RFM69HW has a different pinout. So for my long range nodes, i prefer RFM95W/69HCW footprint, more versatile imho πŸ™‚
    As tbowmo said LORA is a spec. On my side i plan to use RFM95W for its features and longer range, in raw radio mode as we're using with mysensors. So it could offer more flexibility maybe, if i need repeaters etc.. I started something (a lib) a while ago but not finished, and now i'm trying to refactor rfm69 lib, then rfm95 if not already done.

    If you don't find your wish in the link above, i can send you/help you with some stuff i have done.

    I hope this helps, a bit πŸ™‚

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