Sensebender's radio keep freezing

  • Hello,
    I got multiple Sensebender nodes running flawless except one. Every 1-2 days the radio is freezing and the node cannot send messages anymore. The mcu is still running, it just cannot send any messages. Some things I recognized or tried:

    • It uses the exact same code as other nodes, which work perfectly for weeks now. I also reflashed the code and cleared the eeprom as well.
    • The radio (RF24L01) itself is ok, switched the modules with a working sensebender.
    • I thought it might be any power problem at the radio. So i added a 3,3V step up converter only for the radio along with a decoupling condensator. Still keeps freezing.
    • I can detect the freeze in software (multiple send() calls return false). Tried to soft-reboot (via forced watchdog) then, but after that the radio still is frozen and the software gets hung up in the initialization process.

    Anyone has any suggestion what the problem might be or any help to fix it. drives me mad 😕

    Best regards,

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