nRF24L01 - Interference

  • Hi everyone, at first I want to say sorry because I use another library to develop my network but I create a topic here.

    I would like to know that whether anyone using Mysensors library got the problem with Interference when using nRF24L01 ?

    It means the network will get stuck, the node can't join the network and the gateway can't recognise the node (for example: gateway can't send/receive message to/from node) for some minutes (sometimes 30 minutes) and it will run again after that. I used "scanner.ino" (a sample code from RF24 library) to test interference and I found that there was interference on the channel that I was using.

    I'm trying to find a solution for this issue. Recently, I change the channel manually in the code, but it's too inconvenient, I have to reupload the code each time I change the channel.

    Does anyone have experience with this issue ?

    Thank you for reading.

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