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    Happy to annouce that the DomotiGA controller now is supported.

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    Now I do not know what it would be worth using.

  • hello @hek ,

    i have installed the domotiga server on my ubuntu machine but i can not seem to get the usb connection working 😞
    when i start domotiga i can configure the mysensors interface according to the installation guide, but i can not open the serial connection ..

    this is all i got .. what am i doing wrong?
    2014/11/20 23:03:12 [Plugin] MySensors, Instance #1 enabled.
    2014/11/20 23:03:12 [MySensors] ERROR: MySensors serial interface FAILED to connect to port /dev/serial/by-id/usb-FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A800eFAw-if00-port0
    2014/11/20 23:03:12 [MySensors] ERROR: Cannot open serial port (#5)
    2014/11/20 23:03:12 [MySensors] Relay disabled.

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    @diamantmatch Too bad this is not working.

    The serial port did work for me some weeks back but I have been busy to transition to an Ethernet gateway (not done yet). Let me get the serial gateway back up and give it a try.

    Which version of DomotiGa are you using?

  • @daulagari

    i installed DomotiGa with a git command as described on the installation page. so i guess i have th latest version.

    Eventhough i did execute the command sucessfully and the response was that i am already a member of the group i think something must have gone wrong is this step. i wouldnt know how to check or redo/undo whatever this step.
    $ sudo addgroup domo dialout


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    Try sudo cat /etc/groups

    This will print the contents of the file "groups" in the /etc directory.
    addgroup modifies this file.

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