Energy meter with two tariffs

  • Hello everyone! is the perfect project! Good work! I already have at home 6 MySensors and not the end!
    I use Domoticz a long time thinking about one thing.
    My electric meter has two tariffs (day / night). Sketch I modified and displays the nodes 3 - day, night and total (added). It works great, but ...
    I have seen pictures of graphs, where the "Usage 1", "2 Usage", "Cons 1", "2 Cons", "Cons Total" and the other in one chart! I think it's smart meter P1.
    I also think that it is creating MySensor (nodes, types, ...), which would Domoticz detected as the SmartMeter and display a graph common to both tariffs.
    Does anyone know how to do it?
    Or other options to display one chart for both tariffs?


    And sorry about the my English. :(

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