Pffff lib 2.0 ethernet module not working

  • Hi guys,

    I guess I should never have updated my gateway and library to 2.0, the gateway is not functioning anymore although it says in Vera it's connected, but it does not show the lib version, I even pulled out a new Nano to make sure it was not defective, I must oversee something somewhere but I ran out of ideas, I even reuploaded the files to my vera but no luck, last resort is to use the old files and retry... I do remember from the old version you had to enable softspi for a w5100 module in the myconfig.h module but that one is not included anymore in the new w5100ethernet ino... When I enable it in the w5100 ino the device does not work anymore, which seems only logical since other pins are used...

    Anybody any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!!


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    @riochicken I'm not sure these issues are the root cause for your problem, but a couple Ethernet issues have been resolved since the release 2.0 in July. You may want to try the development version to see if you have better luck.

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    The new sketch automatically enables soft-spi for the rf24 radio. So the wiring should be identical to the older version of the gateway.

    Are you able to connect to it using nc or some other terminal program?

    What does the serial log say?

  • @hek: I tried the developers library as well, but that do any good! After compiling and uploading I couldnt ping at all anymore, after putting back the 2.0 library and compiling I was able to ping it and connect to it via a telnet session on port 5003, the serial output is:
    0;255;3;0;9;Starting gateway (RNNGA-, 2.0.0)
    0;255;3;0;9;TSM:GW MODE

    So everything seems to be working, until I look at my Vera, the mysensors pictogram is showing a connected to 5003 but when you go to settings to include a device, it show the below screenshot. After a while after clicking start it shows the error, cannot send command - communications error....


  • @hek I've just used the latest development version but now I cannot ping the GW at all... 😞

  • Admin

    Very strange indeed. You are running the UI7 branch of the vera plugin?

    The only thing I can think of is that you have some network problem or powering issue. Are you powering the gateway identically when connecting to it from your computer vs vera?

  • @hek I feel kinda stupid at the moment, I did import the library in the arduino software but did not activate it apparently.. I am now able to ping the gateway with the latest development library but still no luck with the inclusion... I am getting a little frustrated here.. at first (I stepped back to an UNO) I tried it on my local USB port, and because of your comment, I tried it on a separate USB power supply but still no luck... Ow and Yes I am using the UI7 branch, even removed it from my Vera and uploaded it again...

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    Is the inclusion mode feature enabled in your gateway?

  • @hek It worked before so I guess Yes... I do get the error: WARNING: Spurious .tools folder in 'MySensors' library when using the development version, seen before? It does upload to the Arduino Uno but it is not pingable...

  • Admin

    You enable it in the sketch (look through the defines) before compiling/uploading.

  • @hek Could it be that that is causing my gateway not to work? And maybe a newby question but I have no clue how I can enable it...

    PS: Thank you for your time to help me out...

  • Admin

    Hmm. no, probably not (looking at the screenshot).

    If you look at the advanced tab in the gateway device (vera) does it have a "CommFailure" field? What happens if you set it to "0".

  • @hek Yes it has a CommFailure filed and it is already set to 0..


  • Admin

    Ok, guess you'd better start analysing the log file on Vera. So search for "ssh vera log file" on how to get access to it.

  • @hek ok, will do and will post it as soon as I know something more.. Thanks for your help so far...

  • @hek The serial gateway works fine, I'll stick to the serial gateway for as long as it takes... thank you for your help!

  • Admin

    Ok, great! Hopefully the ethernet problems will be sorted out

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