Stupid question regarding getting open hab to read and send serial commands

  • Hey guys my Current setup

    Windows 10 - Open hab installed.
    no raspberry pi.
    Arduino nano - with serial gateway installed and connected to a com 4

    node setup with relay actuator ID assign to 10

    How do i get it connected to openhab? Any tutorials ? links etc?

    i know i have to get it to configured to read the serial port i just want a simple on/ off relay.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • im currently using the tutorial located here

    however when i assign what states to do nothing happens

    Switch Light_Outdoor_Garage "Garage" (Outdoor, Lights){ serial="COM4@115200" }

  • I'm not using windows10 however can you try Mysensors openHAB v1 binding or v2 whichever OH version you run. That way OH can understand serial api format, otherwise i think some rules should deployed to understand incoming serial messages.
    Also it may be "user rights" thing. Does OH run as admin?

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