[Solved] Multiple messages with same content received

  • I use MYSController since a few weeks.
    I wonder why I receive messages multiple times? According to debug output its sent only once.
    Does the library send more than one time?
    I checked with 1.5.x, 2.0.0 and 2.0.1. its all the same.
    It is not only one special node or sensor, it happens all over my network (6 different nodes).
    Maximum was 5 times same msg. If its more than 2, sometimes content is corrupted.

    Any idea?
    My problem is not the multiples msgs, its the corrupted content some time.


  • Mod

    @karlheinz2000 which transport are you using? Nrf24?

    The different transports behave a bit differently but I think all of them are supposed to discard messages that fail checksum. The nrf uses a 2-bit "counter" to allow deduplication.

  • I use NRF24.
    Yesterday I received 6 identical msgs in a second; no debug log, but V_ID is a rolling counter, which is sent only one time before sleep.
    Topology is: "main" controller running fhem on RPi. MYSC on notebook in parallel (RX only). 6 sensor nodes, one as repeater. 5 nodes directly connected to controller, one 0_1482479179921_Unbenannt.PNG via repeater.

  • Still same problems. In one msg payload type changed, in other variable type is not defined?!


    Is it a problem of (too) cheap/fake radios?

  • With radios from ITEAD this issue is obsolete. They seem to populate original nordic chips, or even good fakes.

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