Missing Icons after UI5 -> UI7 Upgrade

  • Hello All -

    I did download the newest Vera files and uploaded them. However, I'm missing icons on some of my devices. Can someone give me some ideas?!



  • Admin

    Here's where the icon is defined:


    From what I can tell, it is still accessible on mysensors.org. Does your browser have external internet connection?

  • Hey Hek!

    Thanks for responding on a rather mundane issue. Browser connectivity is OK. In fact, your smiling guy (also your avatar here) loads OK on the "main" plugin. Also, the "integrated circuit" icon loads on each of the node definitions.

    However, the devices themselves (relays, meters, etc) don't appear to be loading. :-(

  • Admin

    Sorry, not sure. You could always try to see what the browser/device tries to load by inspecting browsers page source etc. But it looks like some default icon.

  • Yep. I think it's the default icon that's used when the JSON points to the wrong image, or the image is not available.

    Are you using UI7? Can you send me a screenshot of Temperature node? Maybe the XML/JSON behind it? I'd like to compare it to what I'm running.

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