MY_RAM_ROUTING_TABLE_FEATURE - implementation questions.

  • I see the latest revision (2.1.0) has MY_RAM_ROUTING_TABLE_FEATURE or Ram-based Routing tables. Along with that, is an option to save the table into EEPROM every so often.

    My application is probably going to top out at 32 nodes, but the distance could be up to 500 ft/150 m apart, and as they are battery powered, it is entirely possible they could run out of power. So I would want to rebuild the routing table on some of the nodes sometimes.. and simply power cycling a node to force a routing table rebuild would be fine.

    My understanding (from reading the forum) is that flags don't rebuild routing if they lose connectivity (but I dont know if thats the case after a power cycle). If whats stored in eeprom isnt useful... will it be rebuilt at restart? If I use the RAM based table an set the EEPROM interval to something huge, will it effectively rebuild it on restart?

    And of course, assuming the ram based table is an option.. how much RAM are we talking about? (given the field layout, ~32 nodes, probably not more than 6 child nodes per repeating node...) Or maybe someone can give me an idea of the math and how its stored in RAM/EEPROM..

    Orcan someone suggest an entirely different solution? Like if there is a way to force a rebuild on parent link loss (I understand I would want to limit rebuilds, to not overuse EEPROM).

    Thanks for any help. And also thanks for the work on the recent update. So far, its dropped right into both my GW and nodes and not caused a bit of problem!

    PS - I may even have a 'roving' node which might quickly need to switch from one parent to another, so storing the routing table only in ram and being able to rebuild it quickly is a big requirement there...

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    Does anyone have the answers to this question?

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