API Documentation /Pairing?

  • Hi,

    i am missing some explanations on the API documentation page, especially how to include new sensors in the network. I think it could have something to do with MY_INCLUSION_MODE_FEATURE, which isn't documented yet.

    My current situation is: I have set up a Ethernet Gateway, and am unsure of how to integrate the first sensor in the network. I use home assistant as the controller. On its documentation (https://home-assistant.io/components/mysensors/) it says that i should present the Sensor Type and send an initial value. So if i upload a sketch to the sensor and power it up, it will just starting sending out messages and the gateway will recognize it and set an ID for this sensor? But if there is more than one gateway in range, e.g. when my neighbor has a MySensors network as well, how do i control with which gateway the sensor will communicate? Is there some kind of pairing procedure? Or do i have to look deeper in the Security and signing section of the website?

  • There is no pairing. You could use deterrent channels or (if security matters) indeed have a look at signing.

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