MQTT Gateway retained flag

  • I succeed to add the retained flag for the MQTT Gateway.
    To access this flag, I have inserted few modification into the file MyGatewayTransportMQTTClient.cpp
    The whole code and instructions for use are here:

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    Maybe you can clean it up and create a proper pull request?

    A few PR notes:

    • The define should probably follow the the rest of the sketch configs by prefixing it with MY_
    • Adding it to /keywords.txt (gives highlighting it in the Arduino IDE)

  • I did not work too much with github and still find it somehow a little bit annoying for me, but I was trying to do this.
    I also have updated the new inserted constant as you advice.

    The new definition should be moved to the MyConfig.h , but now it was easier to modify only one file.

    My tests were done on MQTT Gateway made by Arduino Uno (clone) + Ethernet shield 5100 and it works very nice.

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