• Hi all,

    I've read some discussions on safety in the forum.
    Re: [newbie] After the first euphoria: Safety? Security?
    Now I'm also worried about safety. Especially when it comes to 230V AC. It has nothing to do with the mysensors project, but I know itead must be a shop you guys buy a lot from...
    I saw that the Sonoff 10A/16A have a CE certification. Does this mean these nice Chinese products are safe to use? I've read you can modify their firmware, making them controllable with MQTT. Considering buying a couple of them.

    But in the meantime I'm still waiting for them to deliver my sensebender gateway 😃

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    Welcome here @sja!

    Safety first! Do not create 230VAC circuits/nodes if you don't have the skills and knowledge. You will get far by powering nodes using phone chargers.

    The stuff bought directly from China is most often of acceptable quality. Especially the modules and components we buy here in the community. When it comes to things you connect to the mains, you should be extra careful and be aware that if you select the cheapest (i.e. phone chargers) you might end up with dangerous (and none filtered) crap.

    I haven't inspected a Sonoff myself so I cannot make any judgement of their product.

  • Thank you!
    I use phonechargers from renowned manufacturers. I'm nog so concerned for my 5v nodes. Planning tot rebuild them with 3.3v micro's on batteries.

    Now orientating on 230v switches. The relay actuator build on this site doesn't feel safe. I read relays produce heat. I'm searching for a consumer product to safely tinkering with. No 3rd party clouds, etc.

    Hoping someone over here has experience with the sonoff or comparable products.

    Tips welcome!

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