Wemos D1 Mini + RFM69 Gateway wiring?

  • Hi everybody,

    Is anyone using a Wemos D1 Mini as gateway and can tell me how the wiring looks like for a RFM69 (adafruit breakout board)?

    Right now I have:
    MISO > D6
    MOSI > D7
    NSS > D8
    SCK > D5
    DI00 > D2

    But always get resets...

    Thanks for your help!

  • Try DI00 -> D4 (see attached)

    i remember altering something in the .h file of RFM69

    #define RF69_IRQ_PIN 2
    #define RF69_IRQ_NUM 0

    try making both 2, or both 4

    alt text

  • Did you add an attachment? Can't see anything.

    I tried various combinations, if I add DI00 to D4, I cannot seem to flash it, getting errors while uploading.
    Whatever combination I used on D2 also didn't work.

    The RFM69 settings can be set for the mysensors lib with MY_RF69_IRQ, etc
    Did you also connect RST?

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