DC-DC Step Up Boost Module 3v3

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    I have a 3v pro mini running on 2x1.5v batteries......this works perfectly well.. however i have tried to add in a "DC-DC Step Up Boost Module 3v3" if i add this to the circuit the pro-mini does seem to turn on but the D13 Led keeps flashing on and off and it does not seem to initialise the radio with a lot of fail messages in the serial monitor.

    I do come from a programming background and lets just say im not the best at the electronics side, but im getting there...At the moment i just added the boost module on its own,,,,do i need capacitors?

    Many Thanks in advance

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    @Lee-Groom boost modules are know for generating a lot of noise which is hard to filter with just a capacitor. There have been a few conversations on this forum. eg newbie pcb thread by @sundberg84

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    @Lee-Groom - over time the community have found out that its best to power the radio directly from the batteries and not through the booster due to what @AWI said. Thats how i build my PCB. The nrf24l01+ can handle down to 1.9V so you have atleast a span of 1.9 - 3.3v to work with if you are using 2xAA.

    I would suggest powering your radio directle from battery and the rest throught the booster. Filter the booster with 0,1uF cheramic cap on the output (I dont know why, but learning by doing i have found this to work the best for me). Also be aware of that out of 10 china boosters i get atleast 2 that is so bad they generate so much noice its hard to get a good circiut.

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