3dprint case for motion, temp and humidity sensors with radio and batteries

  • Hi home automators,

    I thought I share back my case here from thingiverse for those who do want to monitor home with sensebenders and alike. I draw and 3d printed this case for my sensebender and motion + door trap sensors. One of them is running with arduino pro mini, as I didn't have sensebender for that. It's a bit tight for that, but does it's job. Feel free to modify it, and please notify me if you enhance it, so I'll get the enhancements as well :)


    alarm casing on side of door

    The angle on the motion sensor allows me to point the PIR range to certain parts where I want it, by placing the case in different ways. Turn to left, right or put it above the door to aim all over.

    It's not state of art, but my first 3d drawing and my first arduino job. Code is pretty much copy paste from here. The device sleeps until sleep timer hits, or motion or door trap interrupts the sleep. To get the interrupt for both, you need to leave arduino pin 2 unused from the NRF24L01+ radio, as that reserves the edge interrupt pin from sensebender. There are only 2 edge interrupt pins on those arduinos.

    The code is here for the devices, like said mostly copy paste (fork): https://github.com/ikke-t/sensebender

    Mysensors GW on raspi forwards the traffic as MQTT forward to my node-red. That then sends gtalk messages of events if alarm is on. I recently also added openhab to listen to MQTT bus just out of curiosity.

  • Mod

    Nice work @ikkeT

    Do you mind if we add this box to https://www.mysensors.org/build/print ?

  • No I don't mind, I'm happy if someone finds it useful. Go ahead :)

  • I'm going to test how long such would work with button batteries (CR2032, 3V), and if it's long time, I could make smaller case. So far it's been on about half an year at least with two AA batteries.

    One could actually stack e.g. three of those CR2032 batteries and wire them parallel in half of the size casing. Creating like "Shelves" for the batteries in the case, where they could slide in.

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