Atmega328+rfm69hw sleep mode consumption

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    i have a problem with atmega328p + rfm69hw. I have bootloader with bod disable for 8 mhz internal. The problem is not run in power mode when i wire rf69 to atmega with sketch lowpowerlab, radiohead, etc consumption near 5 mAh, but if upload simple sketch in atmega with avr/sleep library without rfm69 consumption is 30 uAh .What is the proble for you? The output pin 11 is HIGH when use sketch example lowpowerlab etc library!!!!

  • @mar.conte
    Hi, I'm in the same boat to.
    My RFM69HW(high power) + Arduino sleeps at 450uA.
    But RFM69W(low power) + Arduino sleeps at 5.6uA.
    My Arduino pro mini v2 alone, sleeps at 4.5uA.(info here)
    I have searched high and low for reported sleep current on RFM69HW, but none have come up. This is very sad, as RFM69HW is king on range.
    My same topic here.
    Please leave a note if you or anybody else find a solution to this.

  • @peres

    I have now resolved with good results by connecting a simple atmega328 to my rfm69hw, with a pir in sleep mode consumes
    About 100 micro, use 8mhz bootloader without
    Crystal, use mysensors library and nodemanager

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