How to program Itead Rboard ? ISP ? FOCA ?

  • Newbie Q, I guess ...

    So I am the proud owner of a nice Itead Rboard (4 relays).
    Other members here on the forum seem to got it working.

    As I have an old AVRISP MKII lying around, I thought I could just hook it up, select AVRIPS MK II programmer in ARDUINO IDE and go, but that seemed to good to be true :)
    On the AVRISP both LED's are green (on Rboard side and on USB side) but I don't know what's wrong.
    ARDUINO IDE seems to be looking for a com port which is not available with the AVRISP connected.

    So, do I need to purchase the FOCA ?
    Hopefully somebody can explain step-by-step instructions ?


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