[SOLVED] Identifying the node ID of my repeaters

  • As I branch out away from my gateway with my devices, I want to explicitly define the parent nodes for some devices. Some of my repeaters are in-wall switches and I would rather not take them out and connect the computer just to have to get the node ID. In the image below, which is from one of my in-wall switches running as a repeater, I am assuming that the red arrow is the node ID that I can use in another sketch to identify this as the parent, and the blue arrow is the gateway or repeater that it is connected to, is this correct?

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    Those IDs have nothing to do with MySensors, they are for Vera only. The Parent id you see there should be the Vera device id for the MySensors plugin main device and id is the Vera device id for this particular device.
    You need to look at the altid. It contains both the Node ID and Sensor ID.

  • @korttoma So based on what you are saying, for this one, the node ID is 6 and the sensor ID is 255.

    So in my other node sketches, I should be able to do this to make sure they connect to the repeater and not the gateway correct?

    #define MY_PARENT_NODE_ID 6              // set this to your repeater node id
    #define MY_PARENT_NODE_IS_STATIC  // this will force your node to use only the repeater

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    @dbemowsk yes ☺

  • Thanks, that's what I needed to know.

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