Molgan-Hack hack

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    A variant on @Yveaux 's Molgan-Hack board design.. A 'spaghetti' project to add a few nice to have features:

    • Switch light on if movement (only if dark)
    • Slow brightness increase/ decrease
    • and .. not really much more 😆


    • blue: LDR light measurement)
    • red: ldo with voltage divider.
    • rest: a bunch of wires. of which one is controlling the Molgan's original leds.

    As there are only a few pins broken out I soldered most on the Avr smd. I consider it an exercise ... with good result.

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    Nice work, I was thinking about controlling the leds too. But don't you only need one wire to the pin of that one desoldered resistor? What do you need the ldo for? Its running just fine off of the batteries 😉

  • Mod

    @AWI Nice job 👍
    Maybe we could roll this into a Molgan v2 hack one day!

  • @Yveaux

    You board is almost perfect. You could just expose some of the pins with the next version. This would keep it very generic anf make it easy to add additional functions. Commercial devices contain temp, hum and light sensors. And a vibration sensor as thief protection. Most of that could easily fit in the molgan.

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