3 LED and time

  • Hello.
    I'm a biginner with my sensor.
    My project is to have a box with 3 LED (it's for the shower time).
    When (with domoticz), the children press the button for the shower, I will the green led will be on for 5minutes then the orange LED will be on for 2min then the red will be ON for 5min then all led will be off.
    How can I do this ?
    I precise that I know writing programm with lua but not with arduino ...
    Thanks a lot

  • Hardware Contributor

    Create a mysensor node with 3 switches for the 3 leds. Then use domoticz to script it so that the timings are right.

  • Mod

    I'll write you the code and you will help me with lua one day 😁

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