Radio troubles. (NRF24L01+)

  • I have this radio that doesn't work.
    The one on the left gives me only error that it can't initialize.
    After examining the radio i saw that the big component (no idea what it is) is differently connected then all the other radio's.
    Could this be the reason that it doesn't work?


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    @CptSlow do you mean the one that says 16.000? That's a chrystal oscillator. It has no polarity, so it does not matter which way it is mounted.

  • yea that was the one.
    Ok, so I guess its just crappy...

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    Trying to figure out what is wrong can be a fun challenge, and a great learning experience.

    I have found it mainly tedious and frustrating though, so I've decided to just throw away troublesome parts (as long as they cost less than a few dollars). :)

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