Irrigation System (LCD Keypad)

  • Hi,
    I´m on a irrigation system and i´m using a ds3132 module and a LCD keypad, well i searched a lot and i didnt find a way to change de hour using the switch buttons, for example, i have de lcd showing 6 am as the time it start to irrigate i want to be able to change that hour, so i dont need to disturb the code. I dont really know programing so that´s my problem, please help, thank you for your time.

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    Hello, maybe it could be time to learn some basic programming ? 🙂
    Check websites like, Sparkfun or Adafruit they have tutorials for beginners.

    From there you can google with the right keywords ("Arduino LCD shield set time" for example) and find plenty of examples of alarm clocks that you can study and change/improve for your own use.

  • Bruno. Ma Portuguese friend! lol
    Because i'm Portuguese too .i will tell you .. the code will not apear here as magic.
    So show us what you have done already. hardware connections, code ..etc. and then maybe we can help you.
    Do you have any gateway or mysensors network or just its a standalone irrigation system?

  • Well i need to finish this Project until the end of this month so o dont have time to learn, im learning arduino but slower, i dont want a magic code just nisto way of programing the switch buttons to change the time, or where tofind

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