Finally some light in "my" sensors installation :)

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    Even though I have been around Mysensors for quite some time now, I have mainly used it as a means of collecting environmental data from the house / outside.

    But finally I have come to the point that I am beginning to get a bit of LED lights implemented as well, with control from domoticz. First one was behind my TV, been running for awhile now, turning on a backlight after sunset. It even dims up/down upon activity from our chromecast

    The latest addition is a shelf behind the couch, with built in LED lights, with touch based interaction. Made up of an mpr121 breakout board, an arduino with nrf24 radio, and a couple of FETs.

    a video of the thing in operation is on youtube (And yes, it's recorded today, the kids are having fun with some youtube music channels on the tv with Christmas songs..)

    It's all tied in to domoticz, so I can make the same light settings behind the couch, as behind the TV.

    some pictures from the build process:


  • @tbowmo Very cool effects.

  • Hardware Contributor

    @tbowmo - Cool idea! (And cool painting!)
    Im waiting for some mosfets to make somthing similar behind my TV :)

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