Arduino Mega with ESP8266 onboard

  • Hi all. Awesome project, thank you all so much.

    Please help if possible.

    I have Robotdyn Mega+WiFi R3 ATmega2560+ESP8266 board with external pins and 8M memory. Mega2560 with esp8266 on-board, connected internally by TX/RX pins (serial3/serial0 on mega and HW serial on ESP). So I can flash esp, can flash mega, both parts works fine with Mysensors sketches.

    Question - the any way to use Mega2560 Pins over wifi network with Mysensors?

    I see 3 way:

    1. ESP as Ethernet Gateway and Mega as a Node - sounds like a good solution, but how to connect by build-in serial? Maybe some have examples...
    • Powerful controller as a Gateway
    • Pins of both controllers can be used (yes, heres also pins from esp - 6x GPIO on-board)
    • Flash Mega part OTA (maybe, not main point)
    • Can't see way to connect Node by serial TX\RX to Gateway. But heres a hope - we have serial to controller connections possible, maybe its possible and for node?
    1. ESP as wifi shield. Mega as Ethernet Gateway with ESP as network adapter with serial connection.
    • Hm.. a little more standard solution? Simplest?
    • Slow board as controller with same power consumption
    • No ESP Pins and other features.
    1. Connect ESP and MEGA parts by external RS485 adapters
    • Strange way, use many pins
    • Can be do with available examples

    Thanks for attention, sorry for my English

  • I join the questions

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