Anyone using PiDome successfully?

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    I was thinking of trying it, but from the looks of this forum people are mostly just having problems with it.

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    @NeverDie I'd ask: why start a post if everything is working just fine? 😃
    Of course you will find more posts with problems in it, than success stories. 😄
    I can't say anything about PiDome though.

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    Yes, I understand that, which is why I'm posting the question rather than merely jumping to a conclusion. It does look, however, as though--at least in the past--a number of people were stymied by it despite trying hard. It seems to have a good concept though. Maybe they've made progress since then. Who knows?

  • Was a big fan for it, from the start
    but the developers started other things to do
    the basic is good. and simple. but not for big home automation
    no suport for webcam, ipcams, voice... just simple switching and reading
    forum is now full of ads
    developers dont respond any more
    so after 1,5 years stopt using it and went to openhab

  • I tried pidome last year. But the outdated tutorials didn't help me get going.

    Recently I have reported the steroids/viagra/pr*n links that fill the site, but nothing happened.

    This week the site has been down. Maybe they are back and fixing it? Maybe it's just crumbled from neglect.

    I moved to mycontroller. It shows potential and the developer is very responsive.

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