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    The last couple of weeks have been a bit quiet from my side. And the reason is that I was busy with a somewhat updated version of the PiDome website.

    Today i'm proud to announce the new website has launched!

    I have left the blog styled web pages and the website is now running with a self designed framework. A lot of changes have been made with the most important ones the manual and the API pages.

    The new URL for the website is now also simple which is more recognizable.

    This is the first version of the website release and i have some extra plans for in the future which consists of the following:

    • A Working login,
    • One login for forum, articles posts and an user dashboard,
    • An user dashboard where an user can track his own to the community published device setups.

    The Dashboard can certainly be interesting for MySensors users as you then will be able to share your custom created MySensor node to the PiDome community. Meaning that you post your MySensors code in the MySensors forum and when you have created this device structure on The PiDome server you will able to share this device structure from the server's web interface.

    I Hope the new website will make it easier to find the MySensors support page (which needs an update, but will do this after the weekend)

    The PiDome website:
    Finally meet the team behind PiDome:

    The New website announcement page:

    And last but least, the most important page
    The MySensors manual page:


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  • @John looks pretty good.
    does pidome support the aeon usb zwave stick by chance?

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    Now that the website is done for 90% (except from the mentioned above)

    I will be focusing on techniques and the other parts of the software again. zwave will be added soon. I will update the features technologies page

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