SecurityPersonalizer.ino: randomized key not shown after first step

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to personalize my ATSHA204A as documented here:

    So I set this values:

    Disable LOCK_DATA
    Disable USER_KEY

    But in serial console - no randomized key is shown -as written in documentation "Execute the sketch on the “master” device to obtain a randomized key. Save this key to a secure location and keep it confidential so that you can retrieve it if you need to personalize more devices later on."

    If I'm checking the code it's clear - because of disabled SKIP_KEY_STORAGE:

    	Serial.println(F("Disable SKIP_KEY_STORAGE to store key."));
    #ifdef USER_KEY
    	memcpy(key, user_key_data, 32);
    	Serial.println(F("Using this user supplied HMAC key:"));
    	// Retrieve random value to use as key

    So I think documentation is wrong at this point or do I understand it incorrectly?

    Best regards,

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    @nog76 you are probably right. Thanks for reporting. A new release is soon to come which will change things quite a lot and documentation will update with that update.

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