Move MySensor nodes between controllers?

  • Hi all. I have a Raspberry / Domoticz setup at home and one at my summer house. I have used the home set up as a test lab. When the MySensors nodes work as intended I take them to the summer house, I don't have that much time for programming, soldering and trial and error during weekends. However, few nodes seem to connect to the MySensors network at my summer house.

    I'm using the same versions of MySensors, Domoticz etc both places. Are there any IDs or something which is "hard linked" to the home setup somehow and therefore refuses them to connect to the other installation?

    All thoughts are welcome 🙂

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    They refuse to connect to gateway or to show on domoticz?

  • Will not connect to gateway. MySensor configuration btw is standard, no changes to standard config.

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    If you can, try to move the radio module from the working gateway to the other and see if there is any change. Unless you have conflicting IDs of course

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    @Teknor try clearing the EEprom from the problematic nodes.

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