MySensors in my Smart Home

  • I've started documenting the MySensors sensors that I have in my house for my own record keeping and sharing.

    So far this includes:

    • Ethernet Gateway
    • Garage Door opener
    • Hacked Daikin Heatpumps
    • Tropical Fish tank
    • TV Back light
    • Hacked Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensor
    • Power usage sensor
    • Water meter sensor
    • Cabinet RGB Light

    The Controller is OpenHAB and I'll be posting all this info as well. Details:

    I'm happy to answer questions and provide more information. My documentation is a work in progress, but I'm trying to get through it pretty quickly.

    Thanks go to MySensors and all the good folk on the forums for helping along the way with making our house rather cool!

  • Mod

    What does the power usage meter do differently from the one in examples?

  • Hero Member

    It sais it is a "Standard MySensors Pulse Meter" using phototransistor

  • Great news!
    I am on the same path, using MySensors and OpenHAB 1.8. But I am using a commercial MQTT broker - CloudMQTT in order to collect data from two physical sites.

    I am looking forward to reading more about your progress. Keep up the good work! As we move into autumn and I play less golf, I might enter my own story on this forum.

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