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    I just want to say BIG THANKS to MySensors, to all team for this excellent project and this site and also to all users sharing their great projects and ideas.
    I have found MySensors some 8 months ago when looking for some informations how to make my old wired termostat wireless. I was really happy when I found this project and understood it. Since Im hobbyist and DIY guy but had no big experience with electronics, it was (and still is) lot of learning and reading. But that's fun.
    With a great help of informations from MySensors sites and forum I was able to move myself from these:
    to these:
    and to these:
    Last ones are own boards inspired by:

    • Gert Sanders - Battery based atmega328p sensor,
    • Stanley - MySensors D1 mini, and
    • tbowmo - Sensebender Micro.

    When it comes to enclosures and housings for sensor nodes I started with simple plastic boxes found in local shops, but it was not really nice looking when placed somewhere in house.
    So I started to design my own enclosures and this way I would like to share one simple node box for anybody interested.
    It is 3D printed, with dimensions: 63x34x33.
    Consist of 7 parts with changeable upper symbol plate.

    When somebody will find it useful for his project I can share my .stl files of this box.

    Thanks and Regards

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    @Pete357 great work!! Nice case and node 👍

  • @Pete357 said in Simple node enclosure:

    ode box for anybody inte

    I have no 3d printer is there a service that would print it for me and send it to me, just like for example OSHPark is for PCBs ?

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  • @rozpruwacz
    Im also doing 3D printing for others. Just need to calculate cost price.

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