Problems compiling the MQTT Gateway sketch - Please help

  • Hi all,

    First off, I am new to the world of Arduino and am excited to get involved. I am working on compiling the MQTT Gateway sketch and am running into a few problems. I have gone through and defined the TCP_PORT, IP_ADDRESS, and the MAC. I have also removed the '//' before the #define SOFTSPI in the RF24_config.h file. The setup I currently am using is an Arduino UNO with an W5100 Ethernet Shield on top. The radio was wired up following the instructions on the page about how to build the MQTT gateway. I am using the Arduino IDE software 1.0.6. I have included the necessary files. Also I am using MySensors library 1.4.
    Now that I have explained the setup I have, heres the issues i'm running into.

    When I verify the code prior to uploading the sketch, I get the following errors.
    MySensors/utility/RF24.h:51: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'SoftSPI' with no type.
    MySensors/utility/RF24.h:51: error: expected ';' before '<'.

    Line 51 of RF24.h reads:

    I have not changed anything in RF24.h. I downloaded the files directly from the download link on

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi.
    I have tried solution for SOFTSPI on my IBOARD, but the code only compiles if I use DigitalIO library in my main INO file too (I tried MQTTGateway ethernet on Iboard). I have the latest librarys.
    So try adding #include <DigitalIO.h> in your main INO code if you want SOFTSPI, or disable SOFTSPI anywhere it is declared...
    After uploading I get "check wires". So I am still finding solution for the further problem... 🙂

  • Admin

    Are you sure you got the +variant of the NRF-radio? A couple of forum members has received the non + when ordering from the ebay link provided in "shop".

    Please check your chips.

  • Hi. Tnx for the reply. Wires are OK. I use IBOARD. See my answer in other topic:
    I got non + variant via Alice in "shop".

  • @hek I just checked the version of the chips and sure enough they are NOT the '+' variant. What is the difference between the two variants? I did purchase the set of 10pcs from the link in the MySensors store. I guess my next move is to contact the seller "Alice". Thanks for pointing me to the link.

  • @Hacker007 I tried adding #include DigitalIO.h and sure enough it allowed the code to compile. I still am unsure if it will work due to incorrect radios from "Alice". Thanks for the comment.

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