RFM69 + RS485 Sensor Network Question

  • Some background:
    I have a MySensors network based on Arduino & RFM69 433MHz radios, with an Ethernet MQTT Gateway. I have 12 nodes on it currently. It's working well.

    In progress:
    I'm going to add another gateway, this time a Serial <-> RS485 gateway for locally wired sensors. The first sensors on this new wired net will be in a weather station mounted on a pole up on my roof. It's going wired because it's simple (my controller is already in the attic) and I'm sick of getting up on the roof to change WXS batteries.

    What's desired:
    I want to put another node out at my front gate which will sense things like mail in the mailbox, and read pulses from my water meter. At present signals from my RFM gateway will not reach there, however if I put a repeater up on the roof I reckon they would.

    Is there a way to have a repeater built in to the weather station node up on the roof, which will talk back to the controller via RS485. In essence it'd be a media converter, translating to and from RFM radio and wired RS485. Does the MyS library support a node having two transports, and routing messages correctly between them?

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    If i understand well, "bridging" is not possible yet. You can only use one transport per mcu with MySensors for the moment.

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    @scalz @Carywin - correct, this has been asked before: https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/5455/bridge-between-rf24-and-rs485 and it would in my eyes be a great feature for MySensors...

  • Thanks for the responses. I guess I'll try a simple RFM repeater up there instead, and wait to see if bridging becomes available.

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