controller just with the ethernet shiled

  • Hi, is there any solution to control my sensor network from the internet with a controller placed directly on the gataway (arduino+eth shield), In other words I want to controll my network from the internet without using PC, Raspberry o other different from arduino platform

  • Admin

    You could potentially expose your ethernet gateway directly to internet but it is not advisable as there is zero level of security/authentication build in.

    The Arduino platform has no muscles to serve encrypted SSL so you would probably want something else "fronting" it. Like a controller of your choice.

  • in other terms, there is no android application to manage mysensors network just with arduino and ethernet shield connected to internet? someting like souliss for example?

  • Admin

    Nope. If you have time and knowledge it would be a fun addition.

    One idea is to add a BT/WIFi module to the GW or a sensor and use that as com-link to the sensor network from phone.

    Unless you go for the controller options available (where some of them offer phone apps to control sensor already).