WiFi Gateway (ESP8266) - reconnect to controller

  • Hello,

    in contrast to the topic "WiFi Gateway (ESP8266) - reconnect to Router", I have the problem with reconnecting to the controller.
    The Gateway is made of the nodeMCU V0.9 and the NRF24L01+ in TCP Client Mode.
    I try to reboot the Router, the Gateway connects easily, switch the AP, also no problem. Restart the Controller. But the Gateway does not reconnect.
    After rebooting the Gateway the connection stays immediately.
    Is there a solution for this?


  • Mod

    @ThomasDr I suspect that the ESP doesn't see the TCP connection going down when resetting the controller, only when resetting the router.
    Too bad the Arduino port doesn't seem to support tweaking these parameters directly....

  • Hello,

    there is a possibility to check the connection.
    I will test with receive command from controller to the gateway and write a timeout to reset the ESP with ESP.reset or ESP.restart.


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