Radio does not go to sleep

  • Hi Im running the door sensor sketch on a 3.3V Arduino pro (with 2*AA) the power cons. is approx 1.5ma until the first transmitt and then raises to approx. 14.5 ma. But after the transmission the current stays at 14.5ma all the time, only a power toggle toggle will set the current back 1.5ma. I'm running the EasyIoT as gw and it seems to be OK in that end. Any idea of the problem can be? I think read something about this problem before but cant find it now.
    Olov Hilding

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    which sketch are you using? did you modify at all?

  • sometimes I also experience the same thing.
    the current consumption extreme high, similiar like it sent something (but nothing on the gateway).
    and one way to solve it only change battery. i'm using pro mini 3.3v with 2x AA batteries.

    I only know the workaround but never know why it happen.

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    Is it still transmitting sensor data normally when this happens?

  • Hello agian,
    My sketch is slightly modified version of the motion sensor (added battery measurement) and a magnetic switch instead of the motion sensor. When sketch is compiled with "debug on" there are no "extra" radio traffic but current consumption is still high.

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    Just a hunch, could it be the radio that somehow is stuck in receive mode, and not going to sleep?

    If I remember correctly from the datasheet, it almost uses the same current in both transmit and receive mode (~14mA)

    / Thomas

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