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    It is actually very simple project: I followed this guide -> and used a pn2222a to boost the IR Led like I have seen in this picture
    For the control user interface I used MQTT Dash: the app is very simple, just add the appropriate dashboard element to each of the topics.
    For MQTT service I used Cloud MQTT and it works perfectly.
    This project started as a request from my father to be able to control his Daikin heat pump / AC and since he is not a very computer enthusiast, I had to find something really simple and stand alone without any other additional controllers. The user interface had to be very simple so the only 4 main functions were used, since he was requiring just to be able to switch it on remotely without any time schedule.
    Yesterday I did some tests and the communication is really instantaneous. I was a little disappointed as I was able to send commands from the other side of the room only with led pointing a the AC unit (from below the unit it was not a problem at all). Next step would be to open the unit and try to find a 3.3/5V source to power the Wemos and put it inside.

    Of course the IR library supports other brands and I think it can be converted to mysensors use by replacing the MQTT communication with the usual mysensors functions.

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