mqtt vs serial gateway on RPi

  • Hi all, first post! I'm hoping this is the right category for this question. (There should really be a newbie question section!)

    I currently am running a RPi 3 with Home Assistant ( installed. I used the image download for RPi3 on the website.

    I also set up the MQTT broker via the hassio interface. I have successfully been able to control a few Sonoff Basic switches via MQTT commands.

    I now want to integrate some sensors, I have a few Arduino Nano's and some nrf24l01+ radios that I want to use.

    After reading through the MySensors getting started turtorials, I am still confused about the gateways.
    How does it integrate with my controller? Should I use a MQTT gateway or a serial gateway?

    I think the concept I am stuck on is the transfer of data from the radio to the RPi.

    I'm sure this is a common question but after searching the forum, haven't found a post that really clarified it for me yet. Thanks in advance!


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