Weather data needed for MySensors OLED switch

  • I will probably post this question to the micasaverde forums also, but I'm posting here for those MySensors users who may be doing anything related.

    I am working on a light switch with an OLED display in which I want to display weather information. Is there anyone in here that uses UI7 on their vera and pulls weather data from anywhere for use in a MySensors project? I was looking at the Wunderground weather plugin, but the last update of that plugin was from January of 2015. Not to mention the link that they say to use to get the needed API key is a dead link. I just want a way to determine the current weather condition for my area.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    @dbemowsk yes i'm using Weather Underground with my Vera box (

    Not sure if this work with UI7 (i still use UI5), but the plug in is quite simple so it should work.
    If you create a free weather underground account a API key will be created, i also use the same key for a virtual rain sensor.

    Using this proposed protocol extention : will enable you to retrieve information from the Weather plugin, into the MySensors network.

    It is something i'd really like to be added to the core functionality...

  • @barte Seeing how old the plugin was and the fact that there didn't seem to be much movement on the plugin in 3 years, I was wondering if it was a dead plugin. The fact that I had some trouble with the website and getting to where I could fill out the form for the API key was also leaning me in that direction. I did have some trouble getting the API key, but after some fiddling, I did get it. Yesterday after putting in the API key and my location, it didn't seem to be pulling any data. However I got home from work today and when I checked, this is what I am getting:

    I have never heard of Lake Banjo, but I live in Stevens Point.

    A question I have with this. Is there a list of the text it will show for Conditions? I think that is what I am going to want to use to determine what graphic is shown on the screen when it does the simple weather display, but I would need to know how many conditions I would need graphics for. One last thing, does this give any kind of weather summary. Thought about possibly displaying that on the screen if it wasn't too long.

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    Just to let people know of what other possibilities are out there I would like to mention OpenWeather plugin for openLuup that is also compatible with Vera:,36777.0.html

    Might be a bit more complicated to install but it has some nice features that the Weather Underground plugin does not have like fetching weather data in other language than English.

    Version 1.0 2016-07-15 - first production version, installation via the AltUI/openLuup App Store
    Version 1.1 2016-08-24 - major rewrite for cleaner and faster code, but no new functionality
    Version 1.2 2016-09-22 - added language parameter to fetch the WU data in another language than English (@korttoma suggestion) and added today and tomorrow forecast data (high/low temps, conditions and text forecast)
    Version 1.3 2016-11-13 - added WU display and observation locations (@jswim788 suggestion)
    Version 1.4 2016-11-14 - added 'AllowEstimated' parameter variable, to ignore estimated data produced by WU when a weather station becomes somehow unavailable
    Version 1.5 2017-01-19 - update suggested by @amg0 to allow for two icons to appear in the device in AltUI: Not only today's weather condition, but also tomorrow's. This change will be effective with a new release of AltUI by @amg0 to enable the display of the additional icon.
    Version 1.6 2017-01-30 - amg0 update for 'WindSpeed' variable

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    @dbemowsk yes there is a list available also showing a list of icons

  • @barte Perfect, that's what I needed... THANKS

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