EasyIoT serial interface

  • @EasyIoT In the description of EasyIoT it says that it also works on the windows platform.
    I can get the server running on a windows machine but i can not seem to get it connected to my serial gateway. i have a usb interface with arduino nano and a rf24 module but i can not find the setting in EasyIoT to use COM14.

    is there anyone with the same problem?

  • Seems the Windows server doesn't support the MySensors Serial gw yet.

    In the systemconfig.xml file it has

    I tried changing this to "true" but it didnt work.

  • @diamantmatch EasyIoT server can work on Raspberry Pi and Windows platform, but on Win platform it does not support MySensors protocol. The reason is that on Raspberry Pi is NRF24l01 directly connected to GPIO ports. It means it depends on Raspberry Pi HW. Misleading text in controller description on MySensors site will be fixed in new update.
    By the way - direct NRF24L01 connection to GPIO works great, so why use gateway?

  • ahw, I realy like the ui of EasyIoT.
    isn't there any other way I can feed it serial data? it doesn't necessarily have to be so easy, but if I could just get it to accept my data I would be verrrry happy 🙂

    I can imagine there is a function requesting data from some sort of library that handles communication with the RF24 through the GPIO ports. but can I not feed the serial data directly to the requesting function? sure, I like it a lot that the GPIO pins get used for the radio, but unafortunatly I do not own a raspberry.

  • @diamantmatch you are right. Maybe somehow I can change current driver to work with serial interface. But Raspberry costs only 30$ and consumes couple of W - ideal HW for server. And you do not even need additional gateway.
    Right now I will focus on developing other new functions...

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