MQTT vs Serial Gateway

  • Hi all,
    I am sory for this stupid question but I still do not understand correctly the MQTT. Currently I build my first mysensors network with SerialGateway connected to RPi with Domoticz and it is working ok. I was just wondering what is the MQTT gateway good for and what are the differences and advantages when compared with SerialGateway. Does MQTT gateway affect only the communication between Controller (RPi with Domoticz) and MQTT gateway or it also have impact on the Gateway and nodes communication? Is the whole system more stable with MQTT or what is it good for in comparison with serial gateway.

    Thanks in advance for your explanation.

  • Mod

    GW to node communication is not affected by Serial / MQTT / Ethernet interface with controller. With ethernet and MQTT you could actually connect more controllers to the same gateway, even on different computers. You can also have gateway running as a service on the RPI with radio directly on the GPIO and you can connect to is from wherever you have IP communication to the RPI (if you use the ethernet) or the MQTT broker (that could also be on another network)

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