MyController side by side with OpenHab

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    Hello all, I'm tried to configure MyController side by side with OpenHab (allready running with MQTT) and the result was not good. I don't know if some miss configuration, or if I can't do this.

    At start everything seemed ok, the 2 system where side by side with no problems, I even got the bonus of new nodes capturing the new NodeID from MyController under MQTT, something that OpenHab can't do. Some time later, my nodes started slowing down in response until totally stooped working without any reason... When I went to my mosquitto broker I had a lot of "spam" messages from the gateway that were blocking my queue. I don't know if it was some king of ping, but they where a lot and keep appearing.

    Eventually I rebooted the mosquitto broker and all started working again, for a while... Then the same problem. I stooped MyController, restarted the broker... and now all is find.

    So my question. Is this from having 2 controllers? I tried this because I have OpenHab up and running and I like the results, but I would like to have the FOTA of MyController for example, and I think that MyController helps managing the nodes a lot better.

    Thank you all

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    Just to add: The 2 Controllers where not on the same server... OpenHab is running on my main server, and I installed MyController on my local computer to testing. Both where whatching the same MQTT GW.

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    MyController is periodically sending a heartbeat message to nodes, maybe it is the messages you are seeing.

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    And way did it slowed my system to the point of stopping responding my commands? I don't know if the problem is connected to the heartbeat, but, can I disable it or control the time?

    Can it be connected to having 2 controllers on the same gateway?

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    I have 2 controllers connected to 2 ethernet gateways running all on the same rpi. I don't know really what happens to the mqtt broker if it gets clogged with a queue of undeliverable messages, you have to debug it and see if the mqtt grows too much

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