Problems with expanding my MySensors network

  • I have a couple of sensor nodes in my house on the ground floor. Now i would like to expand the network in my house so i am trying to get my first sensors up an running on the first floor, but with no luck. It seems that the radio (NRF24) cant get trough my concrete floor (the floor is solid concrete and around 40 cm thick with a lot of iron for reinforcement). I don't have problems with walls, not even when signal has to travel to multiple rooms before reaching the gateway.

    My first thought were "ooh lets build another ethernet/Esp8266 gateway and place this one on the first floor". But after i build this and trying to get this up and running i read that you can only have one gateway 😞

    I already tried to extend the antenna of the radio, but with no luck. I don't have a power outlet near my stairs, for placing a repeater node. (and a long cable is not WAF proof)

    So i was wondering anyone have a tip, for solving this problem. Thanks in advance!

  • Mod

    @mister_ik you can only have one gateway per MySensors network. But there can be many MySensors networks. The easiest way is to set MY_RF24_CHANNEL.

    Either do a #define before including MySensors.h or modify MyConfig.h. If you modify MyConfig.h, remember to change it back when you work on nodes on the "old" floor.

  • @mfalkvidd

    Is it so simple?

    You only have to add : #define MY_RF24_CHANNEL 86 (before the MySensors.h) in both the sensor sketch as the gateway sketch?

  • Mod

    @mister_ik yup, that's it 🙂

  • @mfalkvidd was indeed that simple. It works!! So thanks.

  • Mod

    @mister_ik great. Thanks for reporting back.

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