Serial Gateway not coming online

  • Greetings All.
    I have hit a wall here. I am setting up openhab2 on my Ubuntu box. Im running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, with Openhab 2 stable release installed.

    I can get every other thing configured and running smoothly EXCEPT for this serial gateway.

    My gateway is an Arduino Uno, flashed with the lastest stable MySensors library and serial gateway sketch. When its connected to the box via USB it comes up as /dev/ttyAMC0, and Im able to see it running via serial monitors. But when I go into openhab to add it the gateway still shows up as offline. I've already added openhab to 'dialout' and 'tty' groups and made the java exceptions changes and enabled the serial transport via karaf console as noted in the installation instructions.

    The only thing the logs are producing is a generic "unable to connect to serial port tty/ACM0 message.

    Im at a total loss here.

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    @dbagioni please don't post the same question in multiple places. It splits the discussion, which ends up wasting people's time since details that might be important only become available in one of the threads.

    In case anyone wants to answer @Dbagioni's question, please post your reply in

    I am closing this thread to prevent further confusion.

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