Sensebender_GW / MYSX 2.6 / SD Card / Sensors on GW

  • I'm a recent adopter of MySensors. I have a Sensebender_GW up and running and paired with a VeraPlus. Currently I'm working on the nodes. I do have a node just counting numbers for testing the Gateway to VeraPlus connection.

    My question has to do with the extra capability of the Sensebender_GW (which I like and feel it is a great concept / package). If I'm using the Senesbender_GW as my gateway, what use might i find for the SD Card and MYSX 2.6 connector?

    In a earlier post I learned to have a sensor (aka node) on the gateway one needs a 2nd gateway to pair the sensors on the 1st gateway. This seems like a PIA if you are testing and developing the sensors that are connected to the GW. I'm hoping I'm missing something here, is there more to it?

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    I don't fully understand your concern, but MYSX connector is meant to have an addition board with sensors tu plug in directly on the gateway because you can add sensors to the gateway just like as any other node. There is no need to have 2 gateways.

  • @gohan,

    Thanks for reading and your response.

    Since posting I've continued to learn and have found the MYSController program which answers my question regarding the convenience to adding sensors to the gateway.

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