Relay node

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    A few things about this one:

    1. Wouldn't it be better to call this one a repeater (not a bug perse but I have been confused about the name from the beginning)?

    2. I can't seem to request a version from the repeater. In my case the repeater is at node ID #1 (see below) and the only child ID I receive is #255. Or am I doing something wrong?

      MySensors Debug Sending Command 1;255;4;4;Get version
      MySensors Debug Receiving command 0;0;4;11;No route... try sending direct.
      MySensors Debug Receiving command 0;0;4;11;Tx: fr=0,to=1,la=0,ne=1,ci=255,mt=4,ty=4,cr=249: Get versio
      MySensors Debug Receiving command 0;0;4;11;Ack: received OK

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    You can't request version from a node. It sends its version@startup by itself.

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    @hek OK, let me ask the underlying question then: what is the best way to ask a repeater (or any node in fact) if it is alive?

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    The best way is probably to let the node send in some value at a given interval. This would minimize traffic. In the vera plugin we keep track of last updated value send in for each node.

    Battery sensors is sleeping most of the time so it wouldn't be possible to ping them anyway.

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    OK, will do so!

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