Bad downlink radio solved by updating gateway

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    I'm running a number of sensors connected to an NodeMCU1.0 ESP8266 MQTT gateway. It has been running very well for almost two years with sensors reporting uplink to the MQTT broker.

    But when I added an RGBW LED-strip and tried to send messages downlink I ran into all kinds of problems with the radio link. I tried more decoupling on the NRF radio, moving the units closer, swapping the radio board but downlink messages were not transmitted reliably. It took several tries to get one message through and rgbw messages did not transmit at all.

    After ruling out all other possibilities, I decided to re-compile and upload the ESP8266MQTTgw sketch now using the 2.0.0 API. After that things work perfectly!

    So, it pays off to do as suggested on the API-page: We recommend updating both gateway and sensors to the the latest release.

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    Well great to hear that you solved the problem. There are version 2.1 and 2.2 of mysensors as of now that can be used too so maybe update again?

  • Ah! Sorry, misprint. Now using 2.2.0, not 2.0.0!

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