Burn MYSBootloader error in Arduino IDE

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    Hello, I've bee trieng to burn MYSBootloader to one of my nodes, and I keep getting a error in my Arduino IDE (Under Linux) telling:

    Could not find tool avrdude

    I uploaded the boards.txt content to mine, and the hex files to the hardware folder.

    I have avrdude in my system, but Arduino IDE keeps giving me this error.

    Any ideas?

    Thank You

  • Hardware Contributor

    Ok, I solved the problem.. My bad, I was installing the Bootloader files in the Sketchbook folder... 😣 .

    Mental note... install the .hex files on hardware/arduino/avr/bootloaders/MySensors/ on the installation folder of the Arduino IDE

    Thank You

  • Mod

    @soloam great work, thanks for sharing the solution.
    Very strange error message considering the error had nothing to do with avrdude.

  • Hardware Contributor

    The problem is that the boards.txt is declaring the use of the tool avrdude, in the sketchbook the IDE is not able to find the avrdude, so the error. That's what you get when you mix a Arduino noob with a linux noob 🙂

    Thank You

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