Node randomly disconnecting

  • Hi there,

    I have 4 nodes built with Arduino nano (Chinese clone), connected to an ethernet gateway thru NRF24. The gateway has an NRF24+ antenna, the others are a cheap version with a printed antenna on the board. All the nodes are powered from USB, with the same model of adapter.
    NRF24 boards are all powered from 5V pin with a voltage regulator.

    The all work perfectly, except for one that randomly disconnects from time to time (sometimes after one day, other times after more than one week). This node is the only one acting as an actuator; in an earlier version it was also controlling a PIR sensor, but trying to understand if the PIR continuos check was causing the issue, I moved away the PIR and now it's only controlling a relay.

    If I turn it off and on, it suddenly works perfectly. The same if I connect it to my laptop to look at the serial monitor.

    Do you have any suggestion on how to debug this kind of behavior?
    I'm quite new to Arduino and mysensors...


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    Hi @daniele-frigo, welcome to the MySensors community!
    The best way to debug is to get the debug log from the node. Either by connecting a computer and keeping it on until the node acts up, or by using a standalone logger like this

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